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Shaldon Marine offers engine servicing for engines from 2.5 HP right up to 250 HP two and four strokes. 

We recommend that outboards are serviced yearly and winterised after the summer season before the boat is stored. At Shaldon Marine we only use genuine parts for our servicing. 

We have 3 different packages on offer:


Water Pump Inspection

Replace Impellor

Remove Propeller

Dress Propeller

Grease Splines

Change Gearbox Oil 

Lubricate Grease Points

Run up And Test 


Basic +:

Powertrim Anodes

Gearbox Anodes

Engine Fuel Filters

Onboard Fuel Filters

Drain Carbs

Check Fuel Contamination 

Engine Oil And Filter Change

Drive Belts Checked 

Spark Plugs Replaced (W/A)


Basic + Intermediate + :

Fuel & Air Pressure Test 

Carb Clean On Two Stroke 

Additional Cost On Some Four 

Stroke Engines

Powerhead Anodes

Thermostat Remove & Test

Check Timing

Fuel Pump Diaphragms 

Powerhead Bolts Clean & Grease 

Inline Oil Filters (DFI) 

Pressure Test Gearbox

Air Filter 

Water Strains Intake & Powerhead

Clean Out VST (W/A)

Plug In Diagnostics (W/A) 

Some aspects may vary depending on make/model of your engine. 

Please note you may not need everything in this breakdown but you will only be charged for what we have used. 



Our engineers offer inboard servicing on a full range of inboards. ​We can offer mobile marine engine servicing at a location that suits you. Or we can collect your boat and bring it up to our secure yard in Shaldon.

Contact us for a quotation for your inboard. 


Shaldon Marine offers boat polishing, inside and out. If the boat is dull or oxidized then the boat needs to be machine polished to get the best finish. A compound is applied by machine, followed by a lighter finishing material also by machine to give a mirror finish.  The boat is then protected with a  wax or sealant this will give the boat the shine and the protection.

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