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About MMPi props (information from their website).

MMPi is the only major propeller manufacturer in the world to design and manufacture a full range of inboard and outboard propellers. We cast our propellers in three separate materials; Bronze, Steel and Aluminium, offering a diverse and comprehensive range of products to meet all recreational, commercial and military requirements. Measuring from as little as 20cm in diameter up to 3 meters, our propellers are built to the highest industry standards including ISO484-2 and ISO484-1, meeting the approval of all major Classification Societies.

100 years plus in propulsion
Over the years we have successfully worked with many of the world's leading shipyards and military agencies and been involved with many high profile recreational applications. We have been around a long time, are exceptionally knowledgeable and have acquired unrivalled expertise in our field.

Design and software
A fundamental principle of our business is design, technical and engineering expertise. With a strong team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers based in the USA, Europe and the Middle East we are able to provide an unbeatable worldwide service. Our engineering team can take a project from scratch, through the various stages of design and prediction to manufacture, installation and attendance at sea trials.

MMPi utilise a variety of advanced analysis tools including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), custom propeller design software and finite element analysis for evaluating and optimising the propellers, struts, rudders and hull design features. The development of these individual components is important but what sets us apart from the competition is the ability to assist in evaluation and optimisation of the total propulsion system, including the hull and engine characteristics.

Evaluation and analysis software includes:
• Propeller sizing
• Resistance and Propulsion estimates
• Rudder sizing and design
• Custom sterngear design (i.e. strut design, shaft calculations)
• Propeller thrust and bollard pull estimations
• Propeller efficiency curves
• 3D software
• CAD modelling and NC programming

Our advanced propeller designs are truly custom and application specific, with varying pitch, chord, camber, rake, and skew distributions to deliver maximum performance with minimum noise, vibration, and cavitation.

Products and services
As the only major propeller manufacturer in the world who builds both inboard and outboard propellers- we are truly proud of the diversity of products and services we have to offer. From 8¨ diameter aluminium propellers for small HP outboard engines up to 3 meter bronze propellers for Ocean going vessels and high speed Stainless Steel propellers for racing boats, MMPi really do have a propeller for every application.

Our sterngear and underwater hardware is available for sailing yachts, through to heavy duty oil lubricated systems fitted to commercial craft. Water lubricated 'Aqualube' bearings, flexible engine mounts and couplings, shaft seals, thrusters and Water Jets are just a few of the other lines in our portfolio of products.

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